Reporting &

Mitcham Girls High School provides 2 written reports each year:

Term 2 – Semester 1 Report

Term 4 – Semester 2 Report

These are to use the A to E achievement scale according to achievement aligned with the Australian Curriculum and the SACE.

Reports will be released as PDF documents via our Learner Management System – Daymap. Please ensure that you have access to Daymap in order to access the reports in a timely manner.

Contact our office if you need assistance in logging into Daymap, or if you require a printed version.

Learning Conversations

During Term 2, parents are invited to engage in a Learning Conversation with their students’ subject teachers. These 10-minute meetings are designed to provide directed and contextualised feedback on student learning.

An overview of Reporting and Assessment

Reporting and Assessment for Years 7 to 10

A to E grades enable the reporting of achievement against each Australian Curriculum achievement standard at a range of achievement from minimal to excellent.

The following identifies word equivalents for A to E grades for use in department schools:

Reporting on student achievement against Australian Curriculum achievement standards requires teachers to make a holistic on-balance judgement using a range of learning evidence. Teachers then assign an A to E grade or word equivalent based on the aspects of the achievement standard addressed in the learning program to that point in the reporting cycle.

  • your child is demonstrating excellent achievement of what is expected at this year level
  • your child is demonstrating good achievement of what is expected at this year level
  • your child is demonstrating satisfactory achievement of what is expected at this year level
  • your child is demonstrating partial achievement of what is expected at this year level
  • your child is demonstrating minimal achievement of what is expected at this year level
  • your child has not been able to demonstrate evidence of knowledge, or achievement due to low levels of engagement. This may be due to absence.
  • “Continual Assessment”

your child has received this grade, as they have not yet completed a compulsory subject for SACE and will continue to be assessed until they have.


Some students may need adjustments to their curriculum. These adjustments are made through a collaborative process involving the student, their parents or caregivers and the teacher.


Beyond your child’s grade, teachers also share insights on how well your child is aligning with the school’s expectations.

Be brave and take risks

We will strive to be our best and recognise that learning can be challenging and requires effort.

Be active Learners

We will actively work towards our learning intentions and success criteria.

Be respectful

We will respect ourselves, each other and other learning environment.

Use devices for learning

We will use devices as directed by the teacher.

Reporting and Assessment for Stage 1 and 2 SACE Curriculum

To report the final subject grades at Stage 1, the SACE Board requires the use of grades from A to E. At Stage 2, the Board requires grade levels from A+ to E−. The subject grades for both stages are based on the performance standards described in each subject outline.

Descriptions of each grade level are included in each subject outline and are called ‘performance standards’. The performance standards describe five levels of achievement, A to E. Teachers and assessors use the performance standards to decide how well a student has demonstrated his or her learning. Each grade corresponds to a level of the performance standards for each individual subject.

If you have any further questions about assessment and reporting of your child’s achievement, please contact the subject teacher or faculty leader in the first instance.

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